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Modern Foreign Language resources to engage and motivate...

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"Authentic", "motivational", "enjoyable" and "relevant" -  

These are the four ingredients which are our recipe for successful study materials.


We provide resources for secondary schools which target areas of language learning rarely covered by traditional textbooks.  We appreciate the constraints of time management, stress and work overload to which all teachers are subjected and attempt to alleviate these problems by producing topic-based "themed" packs which deliver the language effectively and also provide that vital "fun" ingredient to maintain student motivation.  

Each pack contains at least 20 activity sheets plus a number of "bonus sheets". Our packs are provided on CD so that you can print paper copies of the worksheets, or distribute them digitally to individual students or upload the content onto your school intranet or server.

Our prices are realistic and affordable.

Left, two of our successful titles - "La France: ses villes et ses régions" and "Deutschland: einen Besuch wert?" which reinforce language learning whilst imparting geographical knowledge of the country. Discover more about these publications on our "Other Titles" page.

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Please note:

All prices shown on this website are INCLUSIVE of postage and packaging.  The price you see is the final price you pay.


Each workpack entitles you to use its contents as many times as you wish within your school, either in digital or printed form.